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Year 11

Ensure your child’s fully prepared for the challenges HSC poses. Find a HSC tutor in Sydney who knows how to ignite their passion for knowledge.

HSC’s hectic schedule delivers new challenges for even the most prepared student. We make sure Capra students are one step ahead of the pack with strategic study plans, tailored support, and extensive experience in high-pressure exam conditions.

How we help students succeed

As our students consolidate their foundational knowledge and literacy, we focus on making sure they’re fully prepared to meet the new rigours of spot tests, exam preparation, and peer pressure to perform. 

  • We set goals early

    When you know where you’re going, it’s easier to succeed. We believe parents, students, and tutors should agree by setting clear goals each term. This helps  us track student learning and measure success. 

  • We check-in frequently

    Receive a comprehensive lesson report outlining what your child learned and how they’re progressing towards their term goals. We’ll also regularly reach out to check everything’s going well and you’re happy with their progress.

  • Learn ahead of your class

    We can work ahead of your school classes because we’re so familiar with the curricula of the local schools our students attend. Treat school like revision and interact with the class and your teacher with greater confidence.

  • Exam specific prep

    Apply the concepts behind your school work confidently in high-pressure exam conditions. Your tutor can create study plans, exam-specific content revision and mock exams to help you peak at the right time. 

Our Year 11 Courses

Standard English

Explore and experiment with the ways, events, experiences, ideas and processes through diverse literary texts. Strengthen your knowledge and understanding of language by responding to and composing texts for different audiences and purposes.

Advanced English

Explore, examine and analyse prose fiction, drama, poetry, nonfiction, film, media and multimedia, as well as Australian texts. You’ll strengthen your knowledge of language and literature by analysing and evaluating texts and understanding how they’re valued in context.

Standard Mathematics

Use maths to make informed decisions in your daily life. Develop competence through real world applications and extend your skills to help you thrive in further education and employment.

Advanced Mathematics

Use calculus to see the world through a mathematical lens. Apply your knowledge and gain unique, powerful insights into real world problems. Using observation, reasoning and reflection you’ll investigate order, relation, pattern, uncertainty and generality in everyday life.

Extension 1 Mathematics

Increase your competence and understanding in a wider range of mathematical concepts. You’ll develop rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs and learn how to use mathematical models more extensively.


You’ll learn about the different scientific models and their accompanying assumptions and limitations. Develop scaffolding to solve a wide variety of problems, even those you haven’t they encountered before. Understand the properties and structure of matter and chemical reactions. Together, we’ll investigate organic compounds and acid/base equilibrium reactions.


Explore the study of motion. You’ll investigate energy in its different forms and how we describe and measure electricity and magnetism and their interrelated effects. Learn how to structure a clear mathematical argument that demonstrates your understanding of relevant models.


Investigate organism structures and their functions, reproduction, inheritance patterns and genetic variation. Explore how biotech and genetic technologies are applying this knowledge to real-world problems. Understand how the environment affects living things.

What our Year 11 students develop

Advanced textual skills

English conveys the diverse and extraordinary breadth of human experience. You’ll learn to critically engage with a wide variety of texts and analyse and interpret different authors’ work. Expand and refine your creative and critical composition skills with guidance from our expert tutors.

Writing skills

Boost your innovative and creative thinking, hone your writing skills, learn how to write for a wide range of audiences and develop more effective ways to communicate your ideas.

Algebraic literacy

We’ll help you refine your mathematical reasoning, reflecting, questioning, and communicating skills so you feel more confident engaging with your schoolteachers. You’ll be encouraged to think creatively and critically, using appropriate technology to support your learning.

Greater confidence at school

Confidence is key to achieving your best. We’re committed to your educational success, instilling confidence through greater knowledge and understanding. Your social and interpersonal skills are enhanced as you become surer of yourself.

Just a few things you’ll walk away knowing

  • Write more concisely and express ideas using mathematical equations and diagrams.
  • Read and understand graphs and use proportionality including thought graphing and naming relationships such as linear, inverse and square. Our tutors will teach you to be able to read and understand graphs
  • Create experimental designs and accurately analyse and interpret experimental data.
  • Learn how to use the correct scientific method to reach known conclusions. 
  • Apply your knowledge to a wide range of problem-solving scenarios. 
  • We learn from the past – our tutors use previous exam papers to further strengthen your knowledge. We’ll teach you proven strategies to help tackle any challenging questions you encounter.

Lesson Breakdown

We ensure your child masters a concept before moving onto the next. One-to-one lessons and small classes focus on each student’s unique learning habits so they can achieve their goals at their own pace. As their knowledge builds, and they can acquire, process and understand new ideas and concepts, class learning speeds up to work ahead of school curricular and maximise results.

  • Reflect

    Together we’ll revisit any Capra homework you’ve found difficult and reinforce what you’ve learned. Working memory decays fast; we’ll use this time to solidify your knowledge and ensure mastery before moving to the next concept.

  • Theorise

    Your tutor will introduce new concepts based on your prior knowledge and level of mastery. We like to do this in a hands-on, interactive way, so you’re fully engaged with the subject matter.

  • Review

    At the lesson's end, we’ll assess that you’ve understood the new concepts covered and can practically apply your newfound knowledge with minimal support. This ensures you can complete your homework for the week.

Some of our amazing HSC teachers & tutors

Alina P

English, Maths

Icon for marker Pymble

Alina attended North Sydney Grils High School and attained an ATAR of 98.75 in her HSC. She is currently enrolled in Commerce/Law at the University of New South Wales. Alina has had over 4 years of tutoring experience and worked with 30+ students to ensure that they excel with OC/Selective School exams as well as senior students helping them to dramatically increase their results. She approaches every lesson with an enthusiastic and friendly attitude and this combined with her patience, high level of organisation and excellent communication skills has led to great success as a tutor. Alina was also the Operations officer and Marketing Director at Generation Entrepreneur from 2017-2019, which is a non-profit organisation that empowers an entrepreneurial spirit in high school students.

Justin K

Chemistry, Maths, Physics

Icon for marker Pymble

Justin achieved an ATAR of 99.1, having attended Cherrybrook Technology High School. He received a Band 6 in all his subjects, which included Advanced English, Physics, Chemistry, 3 unit and 4 unit Maths. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced computing/Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Sydney. Justin has a deep conceptual understanding of his subjects and a desire to impart his knowledge to his students. He also integrates ‘growth mindset’ techniques into his lessons and enjoys helping students fine-tune their exam technique and achieve their academic goals.Justin also enjoys playing basketball and volleyball and has completed Grade 8 in his AMEB Piano exams.

Charlotte M

English, Geography, History, Maths, Physics

Icon for marker Mosman

Charlotte Mason completed her International Baccalaureate at Queenwood School and graduated in 2019 with a final score of 42 (ATAR of 99.25). Familiarity with both the HSC and IB programs gives her a holistic view of education and helps in preparing students for their final school years. Charlotte is currently studying a combined Mechatronic Engineering and Mathematical Sciences degree at the University of Sydney on a leadership scholarship. She hopes to pass on her love of learning to her students by helping them gain a deeper understanding of their respective subjects.

Jacob H

English, Maths, Physics

Icon for marker Double Bay

Jacob graduated from The King’s School in 2018 with the school’s highest award for academics. This earned him the HSC All Rounder award and an ATAR of 98.6. He prides himself on his hard-working, ‘practice makes perfect’ approach to learning as well as his ability to connect on more than just an academic level with his students in order to discover the best ways in which to help them – a quality that isn’t always common highly academic tutors. Jacob currently attends Sydney University completing a Bachelor of pre-Honours Economics with a minor in Physics.

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