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Year 7

Support their educational journey and prepare them for success. Our High School tutors specialise in helping kids succeed at school.

As our students consolidate their foundational knowledge and literacy, we focus on making sure they’re fully prepared to meet the new rigours of spot tests, exam preparation, and peer pressure to perform. 

How we help students succeed

As our students consolidate their foundational knowledge and literacy, we focus on making sure they’re fully prepared to meet the new rigours of spot tests, exam preparation, and peer pressure to perform. 

  • We set goals early

    When you know where you’re going, it’s easier to succeed. We believe parents, students, and tutors should agree by setting clear goals each term. This helps  us track student learning and measure success. 

  • We check-in frequently

    Receive a comprehensive lesson report outlining what your child learned and how they’re progressing towards their term goals. We’ll also regularly reach out to check everything’s going well and you’re happy with their progress.

  • Learn ahead of your class

    We can work ahead of your school classes because we’re so familiar with the curricula of the local schools our students attend. Treat school like revision and interact with the class and your teacher with greater confidence.

  • Exam specific prep

    Apply the concepts behind your school work confidently in high-pressure exam conditions. Your tutor can create study plans, exam-specific content revision and mock exams to help you peak at the right time. 

Our Year 7 Courses

Become a confident communicator, listener, reader, and writer. Our classes emphasise the sound (phonology), sight, and construction (morphemes) of words, vocabulary building, and visual literacy. We’ll encourage wide reading and critical thinking to enhance your learning. You’ll develop lifelong learning habits by engaging in a range of texts, including print, digital, spoken, and visual media. 

Learn how to take the stress out of exam preparation: we’ll arm you with proven techniques and strategies so you can perform at your best. You’ll concentrate on three main strands of mathematics—numbers and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. You’ll also learn to apply mathematical thinking to a range of problem-solving scenarios.

What our Secondary students develop

Reading skills

Enhance your proficiency in communication by developing strong reading skills. In class, we’ll engage with a variety of texts to broaden your literacy skills, analyse arguments and boost your critical thinking abilities.

Writing skills

Learning to communicate effectively is a powerful tool for life. You’ll walk away armed with a range of different strategies to make writing for different media simpler and more engaging. 

Algebraic literacy

You’ll develop a well-rounded knowledge of all key areas of mathematics, becoming increasingly sophisticated as the syllabus progresses. Apply your knowledge to various problem-solving scenarios and boost your analytical thought and problem-solving skills.

Greater confidence at school

Confidence is key to lifelong success, whether it’s in the classroom or at work. We’ll foster your passion for knowledge as you transition productively from secondary school to further education.

What you’ll walk away knowing

  • Develop a well-rounded understanding and fluency in maths through enquiry, exploration and connecting mathematical concepts effectively in a broad range of problem-solving scenarios. 
  • Learn about the power and art of the English language, develop refined critical-thinking skills to help you analyse a wide range of texts, and be more confident in your communications.
  • Increase your control of language by writing imaginative, interpretive and critical texts with clarity and accuracy for a range of purposes and audiences. Along the way, learn about sentence structures, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling.
  • Respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by employing strategies to make informed decisions and solve problems relevant to your education and everyday life.
  • Ignite a desire to become a lifelong learner in a fun, supportive environment.

Lesson Breakdown

We ensure your child masters a concept before moving onto the next. One-to-one lessons and small classes focus on each student’s unique learning habits so they can achieve their goals at their own pace. As their knowledge builds, and they can acquire, process and understand new ideas and concepts, class learning speeds up to work ahead of school curricular and maximise results.

  • Reflect

    Together we’ll revisit any Capra homework you’ve found difficult and reinforce what you’ve learned. Working memory decays fast; we’ll use this time to solidify your knowledge and ensure mastery before moving to the next concept.

  • Theorise

    Your tutor will introduce new concepts based on your prior knowledge and level of mastery. We like to do this in a hands-on, interactive way, so you’re fully engaged with the subject matter.

  • Review

    At the lesson's end, we’ll assess that you’ve understood the new concepts covered and can practically apply your newfound knowledge with minimal support. This ensures you can complete your homework for the week.

Some of our amazing High School teachers & tutors

Jacob H

English, Maths, Physics

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Jacob graduated from The King’s School in 2018 with the school’s highest award for academics. This earned him the HSC All Rounder award and an ATAR of 98.6. He prides himself on his hard-working, ‘practice makes perfect’ approach to learning as well as his ability to connect on more than just an academic level with his students in order to discover the best ways in which to help them – a quality that isn’t always common highly academic tutors. Jacob currently attends Sydney University completing a Bachelor of pre-Honours Economics with a minor in Physics.

Nell G


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Nell (B.A. English (Hons) Sydney Uni., Dip. Ed. (Primary) Armidale Uni.) has been teaching and tutoring for over thirty years in primary and secondary schools in Sydney. She has many years of experience as an HSC and Naplan marker. In her teaching, Nell seeks to develop the literacy and critical thinking skills of her students, while fostering an enjoyment of print and film literature.

Nicole K

Economics, English, History, Maths

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Nicole is currently in her second year at Harvard University studying Economics and Computer Science. She graduated in 2017 from Sydney Girls High School with an ATAR of 98.65 and Band 6 results in 13 units. At Harvard, Nicole works both as a Research Assistant for the Departments of Government and Economics, and as a Writing Tutor for the Harvard College Writing Center. She believes that the key to academic and personal success is the ability to cater to individual learning styles, something she thinks can only be achieved by building rapport with a student.

Christina S

English, Maths

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Christina is studying a combined degree of Arts (International Relations) and Laws at the University of Sydney. She completed Year 12 at Kambala in 2017, achieving an ATAR of 99.85. She believes that every individual has different strengths, passions and personal goals, so her approach to tutoring is to encourage students to create their own success in a style that works for them.

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