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Why Capra?

We support your child at every stage of their educational journey — from Kindergarten to Year 12. Established in 2007, our highly personalised coaching, dedicated tutors and bespoke learning experience helps our students unlock their true potential.

Track your progress.

Establish your baseline proficiency and track how your knowledge grows.


We’ll set every new student a diagnostic task to establish a baseline proficiency level. We’ll then use it to measure your progress throughout the term and determine which class you’d get the most from in terms of maximising your results. Baselines also show us any gaps in understanding so we can prioritise what you need to catch up on each week.


Regular updates

Get weekly lesson email reports from your child’s tutor.


You’ll receive a comprehensive lesson report from your tutor, emailed after your child’s class every week. Stay informed about their progress with outlines of what each class has covered,  upcoming exam dates, term learning goals, and an achievable plan of attack to get your child across the finish line with flying colours.

Goals-based learning

Keep your targets in sight.


Having a clear map to hand makes it so much easier to reach your desired destination. At Capra, we want everybody—tutors, students, and parents—to agree on the key learning goals for each term, and how much you’re willing to do to achieve them.

  • Online resources

    Capra-designed content for Maths, English and Science boosts your learning with lesson & homework material, comprehensive exam resources, video solutions to questions, booklets, notes, & more.

  • Capra solve

    Got a tricky maths problem you can’t figure out? Don’t have the time to wait until your next Capra lesson? Capra Solve can help! Email us your stumper, and we’ll send you a detailed video that shows you how to solve it.

  • Weekend Workshops

    Need a quiet place to get your work done? Our centre is open every weekend, so you can come in to do your homework, ask questions, or get targeted help from qualified facilitators.

Exam preparation

Learn how to perform in high-pressure exam conditions.


At exam time, it’s not enough to understand the concepts behind your schoolwork. You also need to feel confident applying them in high-pressure exam conditions. Our high school tutors can guide you to do your very best with study plans that help you peak at the right time, exam-specific content revision and mock exams. 

The best match

Connecting the right student with the right tutor is vital for success.


We ask all the right questions from the start, so we can match your child with the tutor who will make the greatest impact on their learning progress, support their unique learning style, build great rapport, and help them achieve their goals. 


Rigorous tutor selection process and monitoring

We’re selective when choosing our tutors—we only want the best of the best. And we look after our subject matter experts with ongoing professional development, video monitoring, lesson feedback, holiday training sessions, and more.

1. Sit the test.

You’ll sit a diagnostic test to meet our high threshold for knowledge of your chosen subject.

2. Let’s chat.

We’ll interview you to assess your communication skills and ask you to run a mock lesson.

3. Learn the ropes.

Attend a comprehensive training session with our Head Tutor in your chosen field.

4. Shadow our experts.

Shadow our most experienced tutors to learn how to structure your lessons and interact with students.

5. Grow with feedback.

Record your trial lessons and receive helpful feedback from our subject leads.

6. Develop your skills.

Get internal feedback throughout your journey to ensure you’re always developing your skills.

Building Confidence

Learn it first at Capra, revise later in the classroom.


Capra students are one step ahead of their classmates. We can work ahead of your school’s curriculum because we’re so familiar with the scope and sequences of the local schools our students attend. That means we can introduce concepts ahead of the school curricula, so school becomes more like a revision class that reinforces prior knowledge learned. Feel more confident to engage with your teachers and answer questions.

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