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  • I have found that during my time at Capra, I have excelled in Maths. It has been the best tutoring I have ever had.
    – Henry Waterhouse , Sydney Grammar School

  • Capra makes learning hard things easy and it’s not boring like other tutoring places.
    – Niki Ternezis, Woollahra Public

  • Thank you Capra for the help you give me with my Maths. I get it now!
    – Freddie Bell, Scots College

  • Capra is great for helping me prepare for assessments and exams. It makes me get good marks!
    – Lucy Armstrong, Ascham

  • It is great how we are given lots of practice questions to prepare for exams. Capra improves my marks!
    – Sophie Wadsworth, Ascham

  • I have been particularly impressed with the quality and diligence of Capra’s staff. Also the standard of organisation at Capra has been great.
    – Gary Dransfield, Parent Scots College

  • Capra has kick started my enjoyment for Mathematics and at the same time has brought me the marks I want. It has been great all round!
    – Michael Filippelis, Trinity Grammar School

  • Lucy is greatly encouraged in her maths in these small groups. She finds the atmosphere at Capra friendly and this encourages her to relax.
    – Carol Armstrong, Parent Ascham

  • The staff at Capra have great relations with their students, reflecting in their improved marks. There is also always professional communication between parents and tutors of Capra.
    – Divan Pappas , Parent Sydney Grammar School.

  • What I like about Capra is that the teachers are patient and care about you understanding things. My marks have improved tremendously and Helen didn’t mind me asking the same question more than once.
    – Alex Ternezis, Sceggs Darlinghurst

  • Capra is a great tutoring service and really helps with improving my performance in my school subjects. The tutors are capable of explaining examples to me and they make me feel comfortable, which is important.
    – Alex Pappas, Sydney Grammar School

  • I feel that the boys are consolidating what they are learning at school. As the groups are small I feel that the boys feel they can ask questions on any issues. The homework is good as it revises what they are learning. I like the way you test the children from time to time, to  give you an indication of whether they are understanding or not.
    – Cate Burston, Cranbrook parent

  • Since my daughter has been coming to Capra for only slightly more than two terms she has topped her class in Maths. She never understood or enjoyed any Maths lesson before she had a lesson here. The small groups are great and Helen is very interested and extremely helpful to my daughter. I could not be happier!
    – Vivian Sussman, Reddam parent

  • Pradeep and I are very pleased with the positive influence and outcome Capra has had on Aaron in the last 2 years. Aaron has benefited tremendously and this has resulted in him moving up a class in Year 7 mathematics at Scots. He is more confident and his attitude in general towards other subjects is also producing great results. Capra, thank you very much for the wonderful and competent service you offer!
    – Lanoma Singh , Parent Scots College

  • Whereas at school Freddie would not raise his hand and ask the teacher for help if he failed to understand a question or new concept, the small classes and one-on-one attention he receives at Capra  allows him that confidence and consequently his marks have improved greatly…and hence his confidence in his Maths ability has increased. Thank you to all at Capra.
    – Sylvia Bell, Parent, Scots College

  • Prior to our move to the UK, I consulted Capra for help to bridge the gaps in the science curriculum for my year 10 daughter. The tutors she was allocated for Biology and Chemistry have been so much more than I expected. As well as giving her the necessary work in a very short space of time they have taken her to the next level.  The biggest gift Capra gave my daughter was to inspire her to look further.  Their  enthusiasm was contagious. She now makes the move overseas full of confidence for the future.  Thank you to all the staff at Capra
    – Linda Laws , Parent Sceggs Darlinghurst

  • What I love about Capra is that you do not just set a tonne of homework and then move on to the next topic. You actually do revision in the area that the child is weakest and do not move on until they have mastered the topic.  My daughter’s confidence in maths has increased tenfold and she ended up with a 93% mark on her first semester mark-which both of us were ecstatic about! Your patience and approachable manner make it easy for the children to approach you and all your staff were great communicators and instructors. My son has really enjoyed learning at Capra and especially likes all the shorts cuts that you have taught him. For him to remind me that it’s time for Capra actually says something.
    – Maria Ternezis, Parent Woollahra Public & Yr 8 Sceggs Darlinghurst

  • When I began at Capra, I was in Year 10 and was struggling greatly in Maths & EnglishMy mark on average was a 48/100 and at best a 51. After only a week of being at Capra my understanding of past theories were becoming clearer. The best thing about Capra tutoring was the fact that I was learning the syllabus before my class. Therefore, my maths lessons reinforced the work I had already done! In the end, my HSC maths mark was an 88/100. I also studied English at Capra. My essay marks before Capra were usually in the mid 50’s and in the end, my English HSC results was 89/100. In summary, tutoring at Capra was never a chore and it began to be a highlight in my school week! It was never intimidating and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    – Giulia Wiederman, Kambala

  • I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the help and support provided for both of my boys. They have been attending Capra now for 18 months and the improvement in their Maths performances is amazing. Our eldest (yr 11) when he first came to you for help, was only receiving in the low 30% in his Math’s exams. After hard work and your expert guidance and practical hints on studying more efficiently, he is now in the 80% bracket. Where once has had considered dropping Maths from his subject selection, he is now going into his HSC final exams with confidence. Our second son (Yr 10) has also seen a marked improvement with his results. His understanding of the subject, and new study regime have helped him immensely….we have spoken to many friends/parents at school of the great work you are doing Helen.
    – Angela Sweet, Parent Scots College