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Online Tutoring

Our established online learning programs for Kindergarten to Year 12 offer 1:1 expert tutoring or classes of up to 6 student for all our courses  in Mathematics, English and Science.

How our online tutoring works

Our seamless online portal is designed to make the transition from school to home learning easier, more productive and enjoyable.

  • Jump on a video lesson with just one click.
  • Ask questions to learn and understand in more detail.
  • Share and annotate learning content as you go.
  • Save lesson notes on our interactive whiteboard for later.
  • Record lessons for review later.
  • We set goals early.

    When you know where you’re going, it’s easier to succeed. That’s why we always set goals at the beginning of each term from the very beginning—so that parents, students and tutors are all in agreement on what we’re aiming to achieve.

  • We check-in frequently

    After every lesson, you’ll receive a comprehensive lesson report outlining what your child and how they’re progressing towards their term goals. We’ll also regularly reach out throughout the term to check everything’s going well and that you and your child are happy with their progress.

  • Affordable online tutoring, Sydney-wide experts.

    We pass the savings of online lessons on to the customer for a more affordable discounted tutoring rate.

  • Our tutors make learning enjoyable, effective & fun.

    The most impactful tutoring requires the tutor to have more than just a deep understanding of the material covered. Our tutors all have the passion and energy for teaching that is required to truly inspire their students to succeed.

  • Learn ahead of your class

    We can work ahead of your school’s curriculum because we’re so familiar with the scope and sequences of the local schools our students attend. Your school lessons are therefore like revision sessions where you can interact with the class and your teacher with greater confidence.

  • Exam-specific prep

    At exam time, it’s not enough to understand the concepts behind your schoolwork. You also need to feel confident applying them in high-pressure exam conditions. Our high school tutors can guide you to do your very best with study plans that help you peak at the right time, exam-specific content revision and mock exams.

We have been really pleased with the online lessons. Both Isabella and Jeremy really enjoy them and there have been little to no problems transitioning from face to face online. We will be really keen to continue next term.

— Fiona Owen


Skye has been very happy with both her group lessons on Zoom. Many thanks to you and the tutors for making the transition.

— Kiriko


Market leading resources

Access to Mathspace included


Learn from home, challenge yourself and boost your. number skills.  Mathspace is an all-in-one, adaptive maths platform that delivers step-by-step support and highly individualised learning paths.

How we help students succeed

  • Adaptive tech for tailored content.

    Harness the power of technology to provide highly individualised learning paths for each student.

  • Step-by-step Support.

    Students get scaffolded hints and video lessons as they work, no matter which way they solve a problem.

  • Real time student feedback.

    Teachers unlock real-time insights into how students are progressing, and which students need assistance.

  • Weekly activity and growth reports.

    Always stay in the loop on how your child is progressing with comprehensive weekly student reports.

Your Capra journey starts here

See how we customise your learning path to help you achieve more at school.

1. Let’s chat.

Our first goal is to understand in-depth how you’re going at school, your learning personality, your objectives for the term and how much time and effort you can commit to achieving them.

2. Establish a baseline.

We’ll give you a diagnostic to establish a baseline proficiency level we’ll use to measure your progress throughout the term and which class you’d best fit. It also shows us any gaps in understanding so we can prioritise what you need to catch up on in your initial lessons.

3. Meet your ideal tutor.

Next, we match you with the right tutor at a class time that suits you best. We’ll send you our chosen tutor’s bio for approval before your first complimentary lesson.

4. Get a detailed report.

You’ll receive a comprehensive lesson report outlining everything covered, exam dates you need to be ready for, your term goals, and an achievable plan of attack on how to get you there.

5. Track your progress.

We’ll track your progress against the goals we’ve set together and report back. Our aim is to also ensure you’re well prepared for key exam dates, with study plans and exam techniques designed to help you peak at the right time.

6. Give us feedback.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your tutor match, we’ll give you another complimentary lesson with a different tutor. We only lock in regular lesson times when you’re happy.

7. End-of-term assessments.

Our end of term tests assess your growth throughout the term and highlight any gaps we need to fill for the next term. We’ll also use them to review whether you’ve achieved the goals you set for yourself at the start of term.

Free Trial

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Online Holiday Workshops


Capra Coaching runs exam preparation workshops throughout the school holidays and leading up to exams to help students be best prepared to achieve the marks they are aiming for. All workshops run for 2hrs/day and cost $45/day to attend.

Exam-Prep Workshops



For Mathematics, each day of the workshops is dedicated to a specific topic and involves a deep analysis of past exam questions so that students are familiar with all the different types of exam questions that may come up. To book in your workshop session for the upcoming holidays, please click here.

Exam-Prep Workshops



For English, our workshops concentrate on helping students develop their essay and creative writing skills so that they can maximise their marks in the limited time they have under exam conditions. To book in your workshop session for the upcoming holidays, please click on the relevant link below.


  • Year 7 & 8
  • Year 9 & 10