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Our Courses

Teacher and Student

Studies show students who get 1:1 tutoring perform better than 98 per cent of the students in traditional classrooms. A tailored learning journey is a proven recipe for success—Capra students benefit from customised instruction, identification of knowledge gaps, corrective feedback where needed, and extra time spent to ensure they master a topic before moving on.

Discover how we support individual learning journeys at every stage of a student’s education.

  • K-2 Courses

    Our supportive, dynamic, and rich learning environment helps K-2 students become independent, lifelong learners who are both confident in the classroom and excited to discover more.

  • Primary Courses

    We’ve developmentally designed our Primary programs to complement your child’s school curriculum perfectly. It strikes a balance between essential knowledge, skills acquisition and conceptual understanding of English, Maths and Science.

  • High School Courses

    As our students consolidate their foundational knowledge and literacy, we focus on making sure they’re fully prepared to meet the new rigours of spot tests, exam preparation, and peer pressure to perform.

  • HSC Courses

    HSC’s hectic schedule delivers new challenges for even the most prepared student. We make sure Capra students are one step ahead of the pack with strategic study plans, tailored support, and extensive experience in high-pressure exam conditions.

studying productively

Tailored teaching

One-to-one—the most effective way to teach.


Tailor your child’s learning path to perfectly fit their individual needs and goals. Ask us to deliver one-to-one tutoring to tailor their study plan, adjust lessons based on progress and knowledge gaps, and create exam strategies that help them peak at just the right time.

Peer support

Small classes have benefits, too.


Collaborating with others helps boost the learning process. In smaller, more intimate classes, your child receives encouragement from tutors and students, helping them to clarify subject knowledge, test their ideas, and build team-working skills.

Your Capra journey starts here

See how we customise your learning path to help you achieve more at school.

1. Let’s chat.

Our first goal is to understand in-depth how you’re going at school, your learning personality, your objectives for the term and how much time and effort you can commit to achieving them.

2. Establish a baseline.

We’ll give you a diagnostic to establish a baseline proficiency level we’ll use to measure your progress throughout the term and which class you’d best fit. It also shows us any gaps in understanding so we can prioritise what you need to catch up on in your initial lessons.

3. Meet your ideal tutor.

Next, we match you with the right tutor at a class time that suits you best. We’ll send you our chosen tutor’s bio for approval before your first complimentary lesson.

4. Get a detailed report.

You’ll receive a comprehensive lesson report outlining everything covered, exam dates you need to be ready for, your term goals, and an achievable plan of attack on how to get you there.

5. Track your progress.

We’ll track your progress against the goals we’ve set together and report back. Our aim is to also ensure you’re well prepared for key exam dates, with study plans and exam techniques designed to help you peak at the right time.

6. Give us feedback.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your tutor match, we’ll give you another complimentary lesson with a different tutor. We only lock in regular lesson times when you’re happy.

7. End-of-term assessments.

Our end of term tests assess your growth throughout the term and highlight any gaps we need to fill for the next term. We’ll also use them to review whether you’ve achieved the goals you set for yourself at the start of term.

Maths tutor with student in Sydney

Building confidence

Learn it first at Capra, revise it later in the classroom.


Capra students are one step ahead of their classmates. We can work ahead of your school’s curriculum because we’re so familiar with the scope and sequences of the local schools our students attend. That means we can introduce concepts ahead of the school curricula, so school becomes more like a revision class that reinforces prior knowledge learned. Feel more confident to engage with your teachers and answer questions.