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Thinking of maybe picking up some science units when you start university? Let me convince you why you definitely should and why completing science subjects is an excellent way to diversify your uni degree!

University degrees are very flexible. This enables you to add different subjects into the mix and science is a great option to help you stand out. And no, you do not have to be an extreme chemist or own your own microscope to be able to study science!

Compared to high school, science at university has a massive range of subjects that can interest anyone, even if you think you didn’t like science at all during school. Choosing a few of these subjects is a great way to show future employees that you have a wide range of knowledge and skill.

Here are some pointers to consider on how science subjects can be a great addition to your uni degree:

  1. Science is not all lab coats and chemicals

    For those who aren’t too science-inclined during school, you may be thinking of science as all test tubes and chemical reactions . But in reality, science is a massively broad area of study. Subjects at uni range from soil science to behavioural science to nutrition and everything in between. Basically, there is something for everyone!

  2. Crucial analytical thinking skills

    Analytical thinking is crucial to pretty much every job in one way or another. So future employees will want to see that you can apply analytical thinking to review and assess various situations. You may do a subject on this within your degree anyway, but these analytical skills are core to most, if not all, science subjects. Using and developing your skills within science subjects is a great way to demonstrate beyond ‘text-book’ abilities.

  3. Greater understanding of academic literature

    All scientific research, findings and analysis are reported in academic literature. And this stuff may as well be written in another language because, at first, it is so difficult to understand. However, learning to read and understand dense academic literature like this through completing science subjects at uni is a skill that can be brought to every job. And is an excellent skill in general!

  4. Knowledge of climate science

    Working within the sphere of positive environmental contributions will become increasingly common in the future. With specific knowledge on this, you will have certainly have a competitive edge against other candidates for jobs down the track. Employers will value your ability to potentially contribute to changing a company’s impact on our earth. Doesn’t that sound cool?!

  5. Research and data analysis skills

    Understanding how to effectively research and record data is essential to many jobs and careers. A lot of decisions companies make are based around research findings, data and statistical measures. And you will have the ability and confidence to interpret these from studying science during your uni degree!

The number of elective subjects you have varies from degree to degree, but you are likely to have at least a handful. While it can be tempting to go with ‘bludgey’ units you think will be easy, these don’t tend to add much diversity or value to your degree. So instead, have a look through the different science units offered by your uni. You are sure to find something that interests you. AND will help you build different skills that will most definitely help you down the track!

by Kate Shorter