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As we’re nearing the end of term, many students maybe facing exams in just a few weeks. Whether you’ve just started high school and developing your study habits, or you’re in year 12 and have it sorted, here are a few tips to ensure that the time you spend studying is productive:

  1. Learn and understand the content
    It’s important to ensure you know all the content in your upcoming exam by reading the syllabus and relevant chapters of your textbooks. But, even more important, is making sure you actually understand this content. To do this, try and explore the subject area beyond the textbook. Have a discussion with your teacher or classmates, or try reading some further material. This will allow you to consolidate and expand your deeper knowledge  (instead of just memorising facts!)
  2. Find answers to things you cannot understand
    After trying your best to understand content, there maybe a few things you don’t understand, which is completely normal! However, it’s important you sort out these issues to ensure that they don’t affect your understanding of other parts of the course. So, make note of what you don’t know and make it your mission to understand these things! You could speak to your school teacher, search for the answer in other textbooks or by book some sessions with a Capra tutor. By asking someone for help, you’ll be able to solidify your understanding and tackle any exam questions come your way.
  3. Practise, Practise, Practise
    Once you’ve understood the content in your exam, it’s important to put it into practice. One of the most productive ways of doing this is through past exam papers or questions from various textbooks. Through practice, you will be able to apply the knowledge you have learnt and effectively answer any and all questions,. It’s also a good idea to imitate exam conditions by timing yourself to ensure you are able to complete the exam in the required time.
  4. Take time to relax
    While it is important to study regularly for exams, it’s also important to take breaks and enjoy yourself. Excessive stress may hamper your performance as it can affect your physical and mental health. Taking some time out to relax is a good way to reflect upon the content. And also restore your energy for more study!

Following these tips and engaging in consistent study will allow you to have more productive, effective study sessions. Good luck and study hard!