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In 2018, the Year 11 and 12 English syllabus across NSW was changed. What’s so different? Well, let’s break it down further.

You will study three modules

There are three specific modules that year 11 English students now study:

    1. Common Module: Reading to Write
      Students will:

      • Focus on reading texts closely and analysing them for their themes and techniques
      • Develop an understanding of how and why texts represent complex ideas
      • Develop an understanding of the effect of features such as tone, syntax and imagery
    2. Module A: Narratives That Shaped the World
      Students will:

      • Develop an understanding of the various contexts in which texts are written
      • Develop an understanding about how storytelling influences the way in which communities and individuals
        represent themselves
      • Discover the various ways in which texts can be re-imagined or re- conceptualised for a new audience
    3. Module B: Critical Study of Literature
      Students will:

      • Closely read a text and research it’s cultural/literary value
      • Develop their own complex ideas about a text
      • Discuss and express specific language features of a text

You will have three assessment tasks

Of these three, one of these tasks must be of a multimodal format and one task will be a written assessment. This is enforced by the syllabus to ensure there is some variety to the assessments you undertake!

Change to format of HSC questions

The reason for all these changes to the Year 11 English syllabus from 2018 is because the format for the HSC from 2019 also changed. The HSC English paper has moved away from essay based questions and rather now focuses more on encouraging students to demonstrate their critical thinking and imaginative skills. This means questions will be focused on your deeper understanding of the texts you are reading.

Remember though that, despite all these changes, one thing will still remain the same: regular study and revision will always be beneficial. Still need some help? No worries! Find out how Capra can help you perform to the best of your ability in your final years of school.